Our Story

“There is something inexplicable  about our relationship with coffee.”

Since 1974, Bayar’s Coffee has been India’s one of the Best Speciality Coffee Roaster.  Our blends are famous for their unique taste and exquisite flavor. For over 43 years, our customers have enjoyed perfectly brewed cups of coffee. This commitment to excellence has allowed Bayar’s Coffee to become a house hold name.

Today, we continue to honor that tradition by sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the world, and roasting them using latest technology to create a unique range of signature blends. 


Journey of our Bean

The Red Sirocco

red sirocco coffee

Red Sirocco, a premium offering from the House of Bayar’s, is the realization of a dream and the culmination of a desire that began 2 years ago. Inspired by and named after, the hot and strong Mediterranean winds ‘Sirocco’,  Red Sirocco is a symbol of passion, a symphony of tradition and the ray of modernity that brings you closer to romance the perfect cup of coffee.

Red Sirocco blends are created by using the finest Arabica Specialty Coffee beans sourced from Columbia, Ethiopia, Kenya and India.  These are delicately roasted to unlock the flavors and express their peak profile.  We lovingly created this cherished products exclusively for coffee classicists having an obsession with the exotic flavors and aromas.

Red Sirocco is the outcome of a commitment to provide the true coffee connoisseur with an international quality brew, a combination of global flavors and Indian expertise.

Dazzle your taste buds with the most premium blend of international coffees.  Every sip of Red Sirocco will refresh you with its exotic aroma and sparkling flavor.