The Q Arabica Grader course was created as part of the Q Coffee System to form a skilled and credible body of specialty Arabica coffee cuppers, to objectively assess coffee quality, detect coffee defects, and identify coffee characteristics based on Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards.

This course consists of two corresponding parts over six days. In the first part, over 3 days, learners review assumed knowledge and theoretical principles, including practice of all activities. The second part is a 3-day series of exams regarding the material presented. The course includes 20 exams over 9 Modules to test the learners’ job-relevant skills including cupping protocols, olfactory and gustatory senses, green coffee defect identification, roast sample level identification and matching pairs of coffee acids.  Testing also includes recognizing and recalling CQI Flavor Standards in aqueous solutions.

Conducted by an authorized instructor, the six-day course comprises of individual tests that evaluate competency and sensory acuity in cupping and grading coffee. Candidates are required to pass all sections in order to qualify for certification, and those who do not pass all sections may retake the tests during the course period or any time after within 18 months.

A Q Grader certificate is valid for three years and is renewable upon completion of an accredited calibration exam.

Q Arabica Grader 2024

Course Title: Q Arabica Grader Combo Exam & Training Course V5.1

Course Id: #6533,

Course date: 22 – 27th July 2024

Location: Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore

Course Title:  Q Arabica Grader Calibration V5.15

Course Id:  #6534

Course date: 28th July 2024

Trainer: Paul K. Kim

About Trainer:

Paul Kim has abundant teaching experience with students from various countries, including Ethiopia, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan and Korea for past 17 years. He founded Paul Kim Coffee Lab in Seoul in 2007 and is mostly focused on training cupping and roasting and consulting. He has served as a judge in various world class Barista competitions and green coffee competitions. Paul Kim has also been an active member of CQI’s Coffee Corps TM volunteer program and has offered multiple Q trainings to the Filipino coffee producing communities over the past 8 years.

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